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About Artist Heather Valentin

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Heather Valentin is a lady  who  has breather art her entire life.  She  was  drawing  as  soon  as  she  could hold   crayon.   Guided by her father, she found her truest joy in  drawing and painting, culminating in a  BA in Fine Arts.  Heather, for over the past 40 plus years has made her  way in the world by creating original  drawings and  installations  for  Nabisco, Coca Cola, Budweiser, Zephyrhills, Outback Steakhouse  and other sundry corporations for  advertisement and  display.  Heather also has also created art for various public schools, Shriners Hospitals and Wildlife Zoos across the United States.   Heather's work has been featured in galleries in the states and internationally.  Heather's work  can be found on countless products and merchandise world wide. 

Heather has over 80 coloring books published along with  being an author and illustrator of 3 Children's Books. 

Heather is also a Derwent US  Influencer. 

But Heather's true love has always been creating her own  characters and  sharing them with an  appreciative public. She  takes  special joy in helping  others create, whether its by  showing them how to color, or by  teaching which  elements of mixed media can enhance a crafter's design.  Art is  life  for Heather, and it  gives her joy to share that  joy  with  others.

Heather Valentin's Resumé Highlights


Nabisco, Coco-cola, Zephyrhills, 

Sonoma Wines, Progresso, Outback Steakhouse, Texas Roadhouse, Budweiser, various hospitals, schools and wildlife/conservation parks/facilities throughout the US


Author/ Illustrator -85 Adult Colouring Books, 3 children's books, Cover Art - Scarlet Literary Magazine



Masterpiece Art History and Appreciation(For Elementary Schools),  Art For Healing 





Thirdstone, Laguna, Az. State Capital, St. Jospeh


Best of Shows- Fine Arts, Froudian Arist, Scholastic Art


Fine Art America, Society 6, Red Bubble, Zazzle 


Diamond Art Club

More extensive Resumé upon request

Heather Valentin's Creative Process

Heather Valentin is the renowned and award winning artist. A "traditional artist" for over 28 years, Heather has always loved the feel of a pen, pencil, and paint brush in hand using them on paper or canvas. Digital drawing was never an option until recently with the amazing development of the iPad Pro and pencil. It took Heather a while to even pick up the pencil, for there is nothing better then the feel of an actual lead pencil and paper in hand. However, since Heather's diagnosis with MS and Fibromyalgia, there are days when this form of drawing comes in handy. This allows Heather to be handicapable not handicapped. The Apple Pencil is weighted differently then a regular pencil, which helps on days when tingling and numbness sets in. Even though this form is done on a tablet, each original character Heather draws is done by hand, sketching to inking then bringing it to your creative table to color and create with. Even thought the Tablet comes in handy on " bad flair days", almost all of Heather's work is. still done with pencil and pen on paper to this very day. Below for your viewing pleasure you can see Heather's actual original creative process, from start to finish. You may view one of  Heather's many live "traditional drawing sessions/ replays"  or watch her time lapsed drawing below.  No copying and pasting of images to make another, just pure god given talent drawing characters to brighten ones lives. Art means the world to Heather and she hope this joy of her artistic ability is reflected in her work.

Heather Valentin's Digital Speed Colorings and Drawings

©Heather Valentin. All rights reserved.

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